Do It Like Daddy Does!


This weekend, I went away. My mom and I drove down south to help my sister, Red, and her husband, TBO, get ready for their baby due in early 2011.  We had an awesome weekend- we picked out a crib and bedding, set up the baby registry, ate too much food and spent money on gifts and on ourselves.  I got to have a drink of wine with dinner and get up whenever I wanted instead of whenever the kids wanted. In short- it was perfect.

I left the kiddos in the more than capable hands of The Hubs and his mom.  Sounds like the kiddos had the perfect weekend too- they were spoiled rotten with attention and love and the whole weekend revolved around them instead of the things we need to get done (grocery shopping, cleaning) like life does every other weekend.

It was awesome to see the little buggers again this morning- hugs and kisses all around. But all day long, I’ve been hearing the refrain “Do it like Daddy does!”  As in:

> Daddy makes my chocolate milk way more chocolaty- do it like Daddy does!


> Daddy let up stay up late and watch one more TV show- do it like Daddy does!

Some things I’m OK with doing like The Hubs did. That is the joy in having  a parenting partner that isn’t your clone- realizing that your way isn’t the only way and sometimes shaking things up is a really good thing.  I learned that lesson on Day 1 of Scorch’s life when I realized we both had very different ways of diapering the kids. There wasn’t one right way (*cough*mine*cough*)- at the end of the day, the kid got diapered, so what did it matter how?

Same rules apply now. I’m not willing to let the kids stay up 25 mins later to watch one more TV show every night, but I am as a treat on weekends. I tend to be the stricter parent, the one very set in her routines. Going away for a weekend is a good reminder for all of us that the way Daddy does things can rock!


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