Best & Worst


Every night at dinner we play a game. Each person has to go around the table and say what the best and worst part of their day was.

Scorch loves this part of dinner and if one of us forgets, he’ll get the conversation rolling.  The Hubs & I love it because it gives us great insight into the daily life of a pre-schooler and all the drama it involves.

The best part of the day for Scorch is usually one of two things- recess time at school or our family dinner time.  I agree with both things- I mean, what’s better then getting to run around the school gym with all your friends or to eat a good dinner with your family? Now, if it were me, I’d add bedtime in there too but at 4 the lure of 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep just isn’t that great.

Talking about the worst part of his day is where things really get interesting.  Sometimes it’s mundane- Peter wanted to play fireman & Scorch wanted to play dinosaurs, but Peter got his way and that made Scorch so sad.  Sometimes it’s funny- like when Scorch is still ticked at us because we wouldn’t rush right out to the store to get him what ever toy he has his heart set on.  This is usual told with pouting, tears and pleading. Sometimes it’s scary- like when he told us how his friends (being 4 years old & not knowing any better) tried to tie a jump rope around his neck and drag him to jail while playing Cops & Robbers.  Regardless, the answer is always enlightening and we get so much more out of him that way as opposed to simply asking how school was.

The Bean is still too little to play along with us, but I hope we keep having these conversations forever.  They are typically the best part of my day!


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