Dance Monkey, Dance!


I may have mentioned a time or two that the Bean has a forceful personality.  She may only weigh 27 lbs, but heaven help you if you cross her.  Thankfully, bed time has become a much more pleasant time for us after a few weeks of sheer misery.  That said, one of the ways I’ve achieved this peace is by indulging Beaner in a few of her requests.  Frankly, it’s easier to give into the little things then battle her for 45 minutes over something so tiny.  So things have been going swimmingly until this week…

You see, this week I started Bootcamp classes.  I have aches in muscles I didn’t know I had.  Getting up off the couch takes time, I groan when I walk up the stairs and I vigorously swear at the class’s instructor in my head when I get out of bed.  Of course this is the time when Beaner’s requests have gone from “Can I go potty one more time?” to “sit on my lap Mommy so I can sign you a song!”  Have you ever tried to balance your body to “sit” on a 3 year old’s lap in a moving rocking chair (because the chair has to rock because it rocks when I sing to her)?  It ain’t easy.

That wasn’t even the worst part- the kicker came when it was time for me to sing to her.  Normally she sits on my lap on the rocker while we go through our 4 song medley.  But oh no- not tonight. It’s like she knows that I’m dying and wants to put the screws to me.

“Mommy, lay on the floor so I can lay on you and you sing to me.”

I did a quick mental debate in my head- was the agony I’d experience actually getting my body on the floor worse then the agony I’d deal with when I refused and the Bean lost her mind for 45 minutes? I decided to suck it up and gingerly, slowly, got down on the ground.  I admit, I moaned a few times in the process.  But I did it and told the Bean to lay down so we could sing.

“Actually Mommy, I want to rock in the chair.”

Sometimes I think the Bean just likes to screw with me.


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