Love Thursday: The Neglected One


Dear Bean-

It doesn’t seem fair that I wrote your brother a letter before he started Kindergarten but I never wrote you anything, does it? Then I come on here and complain about you and your crappy medicine taking skills for days. Being the second child stinks.

This morning I had to wake you up to get ready for school.  You are not a morning person (just like your Daddy) so I  honestly dread the days when you don’t get up on your own. Those are the days you typically refuse breakfast because I can’t read your mind to determine which plate you want to eat off of.  Heaven forbid you share that info with me to make life a little bit easier.

Anyhow- this morning after I work you up, you rolled over and asked if today was a school day. When I told you it was, you got a big grin and yelled “Awesome!”

And that, my dear, is how you’ve felt for the last two weeks of school. The first couple of weeks were rough, but now that you’ve got your friends (both boys, one of whom you’re married to) and you’re comfortable with the routine, you are just loving life.  And that makes my heart just about what to explode.

This year I wish so much for you, just like I wished so much for your brother. I wish you confidence. Realize that just because you’re one of the littlest people in a school that goes up to 6th grade, that doesn’t mean you should be over looked. I wish you the seeds of life long friendships. You’ll be going to school with some of the kids in your class until 12th grade.  I don’t expect you to find your BFF or true love in class, but I do hope when you’re my age you still have one friend who knew you in preschool like I do (hi Brian!).  I wish you the joy of learning.  I realize your day is 90% fun right now, and it should be- but your amazing teachers are sneaky and they work in quite a bit of education too. I hope you  latch right on to that and soak it all up.

But most of all, babes, I wish you happiness.  I hope you laugh every day and always wake up each day excited about what’s to come.

All my love,



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