Now that the kiddos are a little bit older, they have a lot of options for fun things they can do.  Too bad the Hubs and I have no idea what to pick for them!

Here is what we have been debating lately:

> Should Scorch play flag football or soccer?  Football is a new sport to Scorch, the season is shorter and it’s only offered once a year.  Soccer is the sport Scorch is familiar with, all his buddies are playing and the season spans 4 months.  Scorch isn’t much help- he doesn’t seem to care one way or the other.  The Hubs and I must have a dozen conversations about this before we finally decided to let Scorch try out football.  Scorch can play soccer 3 seasons out of the year, so it seemed to make the most sense to let him try football while it’s offered.  We’ll see how it goes!

> Scorch also came home with paperwork from school asking if he wanted to play violin.  The Hubs and I were (are) truly stumped about this one.  Scorch has never shown any interest in music before and when we ask him if he wants to learn, all he seems interested in is the fact that he can bring home an instrument every night. When we tell him he’ll have to practice and use the instrument every night, he doesn’t seem to grasp the concept nor does he seem interested. we shell out $34/month for something he may or may not care about or do we wait until he’s older and can make a more informed decision?

> Beaner, at age 3, is now old enough to sign up for dance. It’s a weekly commitment that lasts from Aug thru Dec (or Feb – May) that ends in a few recitals.  It’s not cheap and she doesn’t really show much interest one way or another. But…90% of the people I know with girls her age (or older) started their kids at age 3.   Again, right now we’re not signing her up until she’s older and can make a better decision her self- but I still worry that I’m screwing this up.

And this worry? It’s silly and neurotic and I know it.  If Scorch is meant to be a musician he will be whether he starts playing at age 5 or at age 7. Same for Bean and dance. But it knowing that it’s silly doesn’t stop me from wondering if we’re making the right choices.


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