Books, books and more books.


I feel like I have books coming out my ears and it’s awesome.  Every Thursday after school we have some time to kill before gymnastics, so we had to the library to hang out for an hour.  This allows all of us to pick up some books to bring home for the week.  We’re having a ball with some of the kids books we get.  Here are some that we’ve been loving lately:

> Anything by Mo Willems. It’s a toss up who loves Gerald and Piggie more, me or the kids! Add in the occasional Knuffle Bunny & Edwina and we could read Mo all day long.

> Either Martha book by Samantha Berger. Martha reminds us of a certain little girl who shall remain nameless, so while we laugh at Martha, I’m also really hoping that little girl is learning a thing or two.

> The Magic Tree House series.  Now, these don’t hold the Bean’s attention, but most of them will hold Scorch’s, so we try to carve out some time for books just for him.

> Bad Kitty by Nick Bruel. Poor kitty- she’s not happy about having to eat healthy food so she goes on a rampage (and makes us laugh).

> The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch. How can you not love a princess who tells a prince off when he proves to be a jerk?

Sadly, I’m not having as much luck in the book department. I’ve slogged through quite a few books that frankly have sucked.  The last book I read that I really enjoyed was Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese.  Really beautifully written book about a time and I place I really didn’t know a lot about.  Anyone have any good book recs for me or the kids?


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  1. I feel like I’m the official Pusher of these books, but have you read Love Walked In and Belong to Me by Marisa de Los Santos? They are two of my favorites (have read them both more than once) and she just published a third if you like them.

    Love your suggestions for the kids…we’ve been hitting up the library a lot and I like to go with some titles in mind. I like almost anything by Mem Fox. Maybe too childish for Scorch, but probably not for your B…

    • I have read “Loved Walked In”- and I loved it! So engaging and sweet for a novel that deals with a woman dealing with a mental illness and a death! I’ll have to check out her other books.

      Another one my kids have been loving lately is “A Giraffe and A Half” by Shel Siverstein. The book is a long rhyming book and I think they enjoy watching me try to read it quickly as much as they enjoy the story. 🙂

      • If you liked Love Walked In you’ll love Belong to Me, but fair warning…I would avoid it in the week before That Special Lady Time if you are inclined to be weepy during such time 😉

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