Redefining Success


On Sunday Scorch got to go to a birthday party for one of his classmates.  The whole class was invited to this costume party so Scorch was beyond excited to go.  Every night during the week leading up to it, we had to count down how many more days until the Big Event. We had some major debates as to which accessories that went with his costume were appropriate for the party.  Fake grenade? Toy gun? Canteen? Just what does the well dressed fake solider need to be convincing?

The Hubs and I debated all week over which parent got to spend the time at the party versus which got to spend a few quality hours with the Bean.  Frankly, I could have used those hours at home to get a lot with only one child underfoot- Scorch’s book case needs to be weeded out, we still have some winter clothes that are MIA, the family room needed to be dusted.  We all know the to-do list never ends but I ultimately decided to go to the party.

And I’m so glad I did!  My kids go to a small school with one class per grade usually starting in Kindergarten. That means that Scorch will be in class with the same kids for the next 6 years- which also means we need to make friends with these parents.  These are the parents we’ll be chaperoning school trips with, organizing class parties next to and making small talk with at a lot of parties over the years.  While it would be nice to meet a new BFF among the parents, I’m happy enough if I don’t make a complete fool out of myself in front of them.  As far as I can tell, I managed the two hour party with my fly up, no food in my teeth and without falling over and/or using bad language in front of the kids.  If that’s not success, I don’t know what is.


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