For Your Listening Pleasure…


When the kids came home from school today we had our usual Kitchen Dance Party.  I threw on some  music (today it was “I Gotta Feeling” by Blacked Eyed Peas) and we shook our bodies until we’re all cracking up and out of breath.  All was going great until Scorch told us to look at him because he wanted to show us his Justin Bieber moves.


I don’t have an issue with the Biebs himself- but he’s not my cup of tea, so we’ve never listened to him or even talked about him at our house before. So Scorch must have learned about His Hairness at school.  And frankly, I’m not ready for my kid to be influenced by his friends yet. Especially not influenced into listening to music like that when there is so much other great music out there.

So, I did what any other self-respecting parent would do. I got online and found good music for the kids to listen to.  Cream, Rolling Stones, Neil Diamond, Steve Miller Band, Barenaked Ladies, Billy Idol, U2, Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, & Billy Joel.  Looking back, I realize my play list makes me seem old- but it was hard to come up with appropriate songs that my 5 & 3 year old would both like.   Thank goodness, they are fully aware of the musical genius that is Jimmy Buffett, so if nothing else, at least I did that right.

I may have gotten a little over zealous with my music sharing though considering Scorch told me he didn’t want to go to bed because he’d have nightmares about Michael Jackson’s Thriller video.

But tell me- what do you listen to with (or without) your kids?  I may not be able to control everything, but I’ll be damned if my kids are getting sucked into crappy music yet.  I was at least 10 before the cult of NKOTB drew me in!


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