Winter Wonderland


I’ve lived in roughly the same area of the North East for 30 out of my 33 years on this planet. You’d think in all that time, I’d get use to winter. That I’d embrace the cold and the snow and learn to love it.

You’d be wrong.

But this winter has been a bit freaky- it snowed 3 separate times from October through December. Most years, it snows every single day (or close to it) during that time frame.  Now, I’m not complaining really- but it is odd and a bit unsettling when weather is that different then how it normally is.

Heavy snow weighing down the branches

For that reason alone, I was relieved (not happy, mind you, but relieved) when we got socked this past week with a winter storm.  And even I, hater of all things cold, had to admit that there is something absolutely breath taking about the first major storm of the year.

The trees that border my back yard.


The kids were thrilled to see the snow- they have been waiting for months to use the new sleds they got. Too bad the snow wasn’t quite good enough to sleigh ride in- they had to settle for walking around our property instead.

On our walkabout


A good chunk of the snow is melted already and what’s left is brown and dingy- but it was gorgeous while it lasted! Let’s just hope we don’t see too much more of it.


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