Mocking Bird


Typically when I don’t post here, things are either really good (see: Christmas break) or really bad (relatively speaking). This past week+ has been bad.  Sleep has been beyond miserable thanks to Scorch and his continued fear of Kitty Galore. A month and a half ago, my kids were in bed, asleep, by 7:45 or 8 most nights.  Now we’re lucky if they are in bed, asleep, before 10. And forget sleeping through the night- I think I can count on one hand the number of times that’s happened since mid-December.

In short, we’re all exhausted and cranky.

Like I mentioned before, the problem isn’t nightmares as much as it is Scorch laying in bed freaking himself out thinking about scary things. Out of desperation I shared all this with some of my best online friends last week as we had gone through everything the Hubs and I could think of. One friend recommended a meditation CD for kids.  I was desperate, so I bought it right then and there (love you, iTunes!) and we tried it that night.

Scorch was asleep within 10 minutes.  I almost cried I was so happy. Evidently having something to occupy his smart, sweet brain was what he really needed to keep his mind off of scary things.  We had great success the 2nd night and since then it’s been a bit more hit and miss, but things are much better then they were before.

The CD really is lovely – the voice speaking is incredible smoothing and she speaks in a very soft, sing-songy cadence asking the listener to envision different things (you’re sailing on a ship, you’re in a garden) and Scorch loves it. I can’t recommend it enough…unless your child has a sibling like the Bean.

This morning Bean took away Scorch’s favorite toy while he wasn’t paying attention. He threw a total fit and without missing a beat, the Bean started to mimic the tone and rhythm of the meditation CD. “Picture your dragon, Scorch. What color is your dragon? Is he flying?” and on and on. Scorch started laughing so hard he let her keep his toys.


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  1. What a great solution!! I was a totally worrier as a child and this would have been so great for me. So happy you found something that works…not having any alone time at all after kids are asleep is exhausting.

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