Calming the Fears?

A few weeks ago, Scorch watched the movie Cats & Dogs 2. He’s seen this movie a few times before and never had a problem with it, so I didn’t think twice about putting it on for him and going back to bed.  About 30 minutes into the movie he started screaming blood murder. I tore down the stairs thinking something was seriously wrong.  Thankfully nothing happened to him- he was just scared spitless over the movie.

So, since then every time Scorch goes to bed, he thinks about the bad kitty in the movie and freaks himself right out and doesn’t want to go to bed. Some nights are worse then others- last night he was up 1 hour and 20 minutes past lights out because he kept scaring himself.  Here’s what we’ve tried to help him out:

> Talking about what scares him and why. Explaining that cats aren’t bad and that Kitty Galore* (the bad kitty in the movie) is just pretend.
> Talking about all the great things Scorch can think about at night before bed instead- Christmas, friends, football, etc.
> Letting  Scorch sleep with a variety of things (toy guns, super heros, etc) to make him feel better.
> Letting Scorch sleep with a stuffed baby Jesus from our plush nativity scene under his pillow.

> Coming up with a special prayer we can say to ask for help in keeping the bad thoughts away.
> Putting a bunch of family pics in his room so everyone can watch over him and keep him safe
> Letting Scorch sleep with a flashlight.
> Keeping his door all the way open when he goes to bed.

I honestly don’t know what else to do? At night he’s not hysterical, he simply keeps getting out of bed because he says he’s scared. I feel like a heartless witch telling him to deal with it, but that is what we’re starting to do because I’m out of ideas. Any other suggestions?

*Please, let’s take a moment to acknowledge how hard I’m trying not to turn this into a funny post. Come on now- my son is scared of an imaginary cat named Kitty Galore- that begs to be humorously blogged about. But he’s legitimately scared and I don’t watch Scorch in 5 years to come online and see me mocking him. Even though I really want to.


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  1. Is that the hairless cat? If so, that thing IS wicked scary. lol. Please let me know if you find something that works so I can use it in the future. I was trying to think back to when I was a kid and what scared me. I watched this movie called Cat Scratch (I think) and it there was a mean little troll that would come in and suck the breath out of kids while they slept. To this day I don’t sleep with my mouth open and it was probably puberty until I didn’t think a troll was going to come out of the wall while I was sleeping to suck my breath. Irrational fear? Yes. anything that could have been done to get me over it. nope. I just had to deal with my fear.

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