Sick Days


One of the reasons I started keeping an online journal 9+ years ago and this blog 1.5 years ago was so I didn’t forget things. The good and the bad things- the things that make up our daily lives and that make my family tick. The way words were pronounced with my kids were really little, the love that swelled in my heart on a certain date, the times the kids cracked me up and, yes, even the times when I wondered why I thought having kids was a good idea.

Well, it turns out that recording the ups and down doesn’t mean I’m not able to push somethings right out of my mind.

Like how often little kids get sick their first year in school. Holy crow-we’re on the Bean’s 3rd illness in 4 weeks (stomach bug, ear infection/strep, stomach bug if you want to play at home). And no worries- that week that she wasn’t sick, Scorch was.  My mind immediately does what it does best -internally overreact- when I started to think of this string of illnesses until I looked back and realized that, yup, Scorch was sick this much too.  The good news is after his first year, Scorch has been pretty darn healthy, so I’m hoping that happens with the Bean.

In the meantime, if you need me, follow the scent of Lysol wipes- I’ll be the one scrubbing everything down.




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  1. Starting when B was four months old, I had two kids (one of whom is immunocompromised) in full-time daycare. I’m pretty sure we were sick for a year straight. It was SO awful. I so hope this is the end of it for you guys…two stomach bugs in one season is just unfair!!

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