Big or Little? That’s the Question.


Let’s talk birthday parties.

Scorch is turning 6 soon- a fact I still can’t wrap my head around. For the past few birthdays we’ve been able to get away with small kids birthday parties. We’ve taken his BFF to a ball game or taken a few friends mini-golfing and then out to dinner- that sort of thing.  We do have a big family party with 30+ people where we include his BFFs and their families, but we’ve never done a big kids party.

But this year, Scorch is asking for one. He wants a party for all his classmates (20 of them),  plus some other friends. Me?  I am cringing at the thought.

I don’t know why I don’t like them- we’ve been to a ton of them where my kids have had a blast, but they seem like so much work. And I’m lazy. The planning, tracking down addresses, mailing invites, setting up, getting the supplies, supplying the food, getting a cake, unwrapping 20+ gifts that Scorch doesn’t need, sending out all the thank you cards. And don’t even get me started on the goodie bags.  I’m exhausted just thinking about it, quite frankly.

On top of that, I think smaller parties and experiences are just plain more fun. There is no worrying about if Suzy is having fun or if Johnny got his feelings hurt.  Scorch can spend time with the kids he’s really close with and we can make the whole thing so much more personal for him and his guests.

But my kid is an awesome little boy and he really doesn’t ask for much. So I struggle- do I plan a big party for him or do I try to lure him to my way of thinking with the promise of a special small outing for his besties at the zoo or dinosaur museum? When does my opinion stop mattering more than his?*

What do you guys do for your kids birthdays? Do you have a big blowout with 25 of his/her closest friends? Or do you keep it small like I’m trying to do?

*Hoping the answer to that is never.


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  1. The way we’ve done it so far is big parties every three years. Pacey had his first big friend party at age 3, and will have another this year for 6. Brighton turns 3 in a few weeks and is beside herself at the thought of her first real party. Honestly, if we give him a choice I think Pacey will/would choose a smaller party based on his social nature, whereas I bet B will be begging us for big parties every year. I say let him give it a try this year, but maybe set his expectations how about how often that type of party will happen. (let us know what you decide)

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