Seriously? Seriously.


Having our kids stay home with our very awesome nanny, Mary, for their first couple of years was amazing for for more reasons then I could count.

Unfortunately there is a not-so-amazing side- the kids (relatively) immature immune systems. Mary took them a ton of places while she watched them- play groups, parks, museums and every place in between- but none of them can mimic the cesspool of germs that is a 3 year old Pre-K classroom. The Bean’s teachers (and the school’s janitorial service) do a great job keeping the classroom clean, but when you have twenty 3 year olds in the same room for 7 hours a day / 5 days a week things are just nasty.  And the Bean, bless her sweet heart, has picked up every one of those germs.

In 19 days, the poor child has had strep throat, an ear infection, a wicked cold and now an stomach bug. She just can’t catch a break.  We’ve done two different kinds of oral antibiotics (that was fun) as well as a shot of antibiotic for the ear infection. She’s recovered really quickly from everything except this tummy bug- this has laid her out for the past 29 hours which is a record for my Bean.

While most of me is thrilled we had such a mild winter, I really wish we got a long enough cold snap to kill off some of these germs. *sigh* It can only go up from here, right?


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  1. NOT. FAIR. I don’t know why humans haven’t evolved into a better way to develop our immune systems!! I barely made it through the first couple years with each kid (they did daycare so got a jump start on things). Here’s hoping this is the worst of it for you and every season is easier from here on out!

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