Scorch’s New House


If I had to pick out two personality traits of Scorch’s that make us crazy, it would be:

1) He gets attached to crazy things- rocks, a leaf, a piece of paper, a stuffed animal- and he can’t let go. He may be a hoarder in the making.
2). He talks.all.the.time.  Now, he comes by that honestly- he is my son, after all. But he doesn’t stop and there have been many a time that either the Hubs or I have nodded or mumbled “Ok” just to get him to be quiet, for the love of all that is holy.

The fact that we managed to ignore both flaws last month is currently biting us in the butt….

We are very casually looking for a new house. I say very casually because our requirements are pretty restricting and, frankly, there haven’t been that many homes that fit the bill that have been worth looking at.  So when a new house popped up on the market last month, we jumped at the chance to check it out.  The only issue was that we had to bring the kids- which is not my idea of fun. At all.

But we sucked it up and took them. The house had a showing prior to ours and that real estate agent locked the house up tight- locking us right out. So we had to kill 30 minutes while someone drove up with a key to let us and our agent in.  The only saving grace was this house sat on a beautiful piece of property that included a pond that was fully stocked with fish. It’s amazing how water, mud and fish can keep a kid occupied forever.

After 5 minutes, Scorch was in love with this house and we hadn’t even been inside. (see Flaw #1, above. This was our first mistake.)

The house was gorgeous- but it wasn’t for us. But it was clearly for Scorch.  The finished basement was done up in over-the-top NY Giant’s decorations, one bedroom was done up completely in a Syracuse theme and another one was done in a Yankees theme. And when I say done up, I mean painted in team colors, huge logos on the wall, lamps, bedspreads- the whole 9 yards.  In other words, every 6 year old boy’s dream come true.  Scorch couldn’t stop debating with himself over which room would be his.

When I tried to tell him that the house was awesome, but it wasn’t our house, he wasn’t having it. He kept telling me how Daddy promised him that he and the Bean could be the ones who picked out the house.  Say what?! Then I remembered that Scorch had spent a good chunk of our 30 minute wait with the Hubs and the real estate agent- presumably talking their ears off as they tried to discuss the particulars of the house.   Sure enough, when asked about his little promise to Scorch, the Hubs fessed up to agreeing with anything the kid said to get a moment of peace.

That is why I have a kid who is hell bent on moving us to a new house as soon as humanly possible and who cries each and every time I tell him that we’re not moving and that, no, he doesn’t get to pick out our new house all by himself. Which is at least once a day. It’s fun.

Or not.


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