Jokes from a 6 Year Old


What do you say to a hurt polar bear?Are you all white?

Why did Santa eat a snail?
Because he doesn’t like fast food.

What did the tissue start to dance?Because it had a little boggie in it!


We opted not to tell the kids anything about what happened in CT before school. There was a police officer posted at every school in our county (state?) this morning, but the sight of a police car in front of the school wasn’t anything new to the kids as one is frequently there to stop speeders.  The kids came home happy as can be and neither one has mentioned anything.  I’m OK with that.

So now we turn towards the mundane. Keeping the kids sane before Christmas. Wrapping the endless gifts. Finishing the last minute shopping.  Trying to remember to move the stinking Elf each night (we’ve had two fails in the past week). And I’m OK with that too. My kids need normalcy and routine, and so do I.





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  1. Our school superintendent sent out an email Monday morning saying, among other things, that he’d asked his daughter what makes her feel safe at school. She apparently said that she knows things are ok when the teachers are smiling and happy. He assured us parents, therefore, that our kids would be met with smiles and an ordinary school day.

    I was so appreciative of this approach. I’d have been upset if it was addressed at school…I don’t watch the news on TV and my kids didn’t and don’t have any idea about what happened. They don’t need to. If they had questions, of course I’d answer them but I personally don’t feel like this is something that needs coverage for them (at their ages/maturity levels of course…different for every family).

    Glad your kiddos seem unaware too.

    • I’m pretty sure Scorch will come back with some questions this week- he’s a smart kid with very large ears who doesn’t miss a thing. But we’ll cross that bridge when/if he does. Until then, it’s Christmas Carols and DVDs for us!

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