Dirty Magazines


Now that Scorch has learned to read- and has become quite proficient at it- he’s reading everything. *Everything.*  Do you know how annoying that is?

We (I) subscribe to one magazine- RedbookIt’s not a dirty magazine by any stretch, but now that I know my 6 year old reads it, it sure feels like it. Before, I used to read the magazine and see absolutely nothing that jumped out at me- it’s a great mix of fashion, makeup, advice, real life stories and recipes. But when I read it knowing there is a good chance Scorch is going to see it, all I see are the words  “sex” and “orgasm” and “tampons” jumping out on me from every stinking line*.  Every single ad seems like its got mostly naked people in it hawking everything from perfume to dish washing detergent.**  I honestly feel like I have to hide the magazine on the top shelf of the bathroom closest just to keep him from reading it.

Ah parenthood- that special time when you realize you really are a closet prude.


*They aren’t on every line.

**They aren’t.


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    • Isn’t that the truth?! So many of the songs I listen have words I don’t blink an eye at- unless the kids are in the car. Then I suddenly turn into a crazy woman who make them listen to Laurie Berkner over and over. 😉

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