The Fall


So today we woke up and it was snowing.

And I cried.

The end.

Well, not really. I mean, I wanted to cry, but I didn’t because I kept repeating to myself “It won’t last. It won’t last.” And it didn’t- by late this afternoon the sun was out and the temps were almost in the 50s. So the kids and I went for a walk. We have this gorgeous little creek that borders our property that’s completely inaccessible in the summer and fall due to all the bushes and prickers. In years past, Bean was always too little to walk it, so this is our first year truly exploring it and we’re down there as much as possible since we know the window of time to enjoy  it is closing.

And we have a ball! The kids love seeing the fossils, playing in the water and hunting for signs of wildlife. Today, for example, we saw a snake. I didn’t scream and run away, abandoning my children, so clearly I win! That is, until I broke our favorite part about the whole thing.

See that cute little bridge, made out of the small tree trunks? Yeah- my kids love that damn thing. Scorch goes across it by himself and the Bean inches carefully across it, holding my hand.  The fall to the water isn’t that far- a foot, maybe 2- nor is the water deep, but the bridge offers up a fun thrill.  We crisscrossed it a few times today and, on our last time on the way home, one of the logs broke and the Bean and I took a dive into the water.  Thankfully she fell on me and while she got wet from the water splashing up on her, I got the brunt of it.  Neither one of us were hurt- just muddy and wet and laughing so hard we cried. Scorch didn’t think it was nearly as funny and he was downright ticked I wouldn’t let him get in the water with us.  I had to explain to him a few times that freezing night time temps + snow this morning + water= FREEZING.

Thankfully clothes wash, bodies warm up and hot chocolate fixes most everything- including the fact that I broke the stream.


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