The Only Child


Scorch was, more or less, the only child for the past 48 hours.  Saturday afternoon we shipped the Bean off to my parents so she could spend time with her cousin, Lala. Sunday we went down to my parents in the afternoon for big BBQ where there were 8 kids running around and then last night, the Bean got up every hour for 12+ hours sick with the stomach bug so she more or less slept the day away today.

I was really worried about Scorch during this time. My two are as thick as thieves and I wasn’t sure how he was going to do without his side kick around. Yeah- turned out I shouldn’t have worried. “Mom- this is awesome. There is no one around annoying me AND I don’t have to share a thing.”  Ahh- every 7 year old’s dream.

But y’all- having an only child who isn’t used to being an only is exhausting. The Hubs got the stomach bug too, so it was just the boy and I today trying to avoid as many germs as we could. We played baseball, lacrosse, basketball, lacrosse, more baseball, went to the park, walked through a creek, got ice cream, played more baseball and lacrosse, read multiple chapters in Harry Potter and watched at least 4 episodes of Wizards of Waverly Place. And it was awesome- this kid of mine is an absolute blast, funny as can be and a complete joy 95% of the time (don’t ask about the other 5%)- but boy is he busy!

So now it’s 8:15 and everyone in my house is sleeping. I’m praying the Hubs and the Bean are over this and I’m praying even more that Scorch and I are spared because the last night I need right now is a 12 hour stomach bug. Fingers crossed we all stay healthy…


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