The Silver Lining


So all my praying in my post from Monday did the trick that night, but come Tuesday no prayer in the world was keeping The Bug from spreading to Scorch and me. I got a call at 2:50 saying Scorch had gotten sick at school right at the end of the day.  And that’s awful and part of me felt so badly for him, but the other part? Well that part was actually really, really happy.  The root of 99% of Scorch’s anxiety is getting sick- I mean he can’t imagine much worse than that. Except for getting sick at school. That’s like the fear-flavored cherry on his anxiety sundae (just go with that metaphor).  I’ve joked with his therapist for the past year that maybe he just needs to get sick at school and live through it to see that it’s not that bad.  And that’s what happened on Tuesday. He went to the nurse’s office, got sick and went home. The world didn’t end. His head didn’t explode. And when he went back to school today no one made fun of him or ostracized him- it was just life as usual.  I may have actually given his therapist a high five today and danced a little jig in her office this afternoon because I was so freaking proud of my kid!

And that? That just about makes up for the 12 hours I spent sleeping on the bathroom floor when The Bug finally took me down too.


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