There are many, many times I look at the Bean and wonder where she came from. That child may be the spitting image of me as a kid, but when it comes to her personality, we’re opposite in a lot of ways. That’s not at all a bad thing, but it is a mystifying thing as I try to figure out how to be the best mom I can to her.  I mean, the little bugger doesn’t even like ice cream – a food I would live on, if allowed. Who doesn’t like ice cream, for crying out loud?!

Friday was the Bean’s second day of Kindergarten and I was dreading it. I knew the first day would go fine because of all the excitement- but the second day is when my kids tend to realize this is for real and, in years past, haven’t taken well to that realization. So I was prepared for tears and heel-dragging that morning, but the Bean surprised me and went to school with minimal protest. I held my breath as we walked into the classroom, waiting for the meltdown I was sure that was coming.  Hmmm….so far so good. Then we went to sit her at her table and found out her seat had been moved after 1 day in the classroom.

I started laughing to myself because I knew exactly why my child was moved. Her seat on the first day of school was at the same long table as her best friend. The table was rectangular and the Bean and her friend each sat at the heads of the table, with three kids between them.  When I saw that the first morning, I thought it was perfect placement. I figured the girls were close enough to draw support from each other, but not close enough to talk to each other all day long.  I figured wrong. Evidently they spent the whole first day trying “whisper” to each other over the head’s of their classmates.  So my kid got (rightly) moved for talking too much.

Finally, proof that my kid is my kid in spirit as well as body!



So far, Scorch thinks that 2nd grade is the Best. Thing. Ever if for no other reason than they have their own desks instead of sitting at a table. Who knew something like that would be so thrilling to 7 year olds? He’s already had two spelling tests- which he thinks is awesome too! There is absolutely no doubt who that kid’s mother is!  Here’s hoping Week 2 goes just as great as Week 1!



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