Ah- baseball season. That time of year where we’re lucky if we have one night every two weeks free from practice or games. It’s fun, but so freaking exhausting. Which is why I’m posting snippets from my week today- I don’t have the brain power for anything more.


Scorch made his 1st Communion this past weekend. It was a beautiful ceremony full of 8 year old dressed in their finest trying not to giggle (then gag) over the fact that they could drink wine. We were lucky to have all 3 sets of Scorch’s grandparents and one uncle up for the day to celebrate with us and to ohhh and ahh over my kid. Scorch’s wardrobe outside of school consists of high-water sweatpants and t-shirts so seeing him in a full suit was a treat!


I was outside this weekend vacuuming out the car and when I walked in the house, Scorch is yelling for me that something is wrong with the Bean. I run up the stairs to find her sitting on a chair, sobbing in agony without making a sound. I start to panic trying to figure out what’s going on…to find out there is a bee on her. A teeny-tiny baby honey-bee on her leg.

I thought something was eating her flesh.

Not THE bee- just a pic of a bee I took a few summer ago.

Not THE bee- just a pic of a bee I took a few summer ago.

I removed the bee without her getting stung, but she was DONE for the day. She literally wouldn’t go into a room in our house for two days without me/the Hubs/Scorch searching the room for stealth bees. Poor chick. She’s so lucky I feel so badly for her other wise I’d really enjoy tormenting her.


Scorch’s birthday is coming up, so Sunday we took 10 8 year old boys to an entertainment center for 3 hours. First we sugared them up with pizza, soda and cake, then we let them run wild and play two games of laser tag. Then we gave them each a handful of tokens in the arcade. THEN those who wanted to could get harnessed up and walk a ropes course 3 stories off the ground.


So much fun, so glad I never have to do that again. 10 8-year olds are exhausting.



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