Thankful Heart: Day 11


Happy Veteran’s Day to those who have served! Thank you for your dedication and sacrifice on behalf of our country.

I have numerous family members and friends who have served in all branches of the military, many of whom have seen combat multiple times. We are lucky- all our friends and family came back whole. Unfortunately a lot of men and women aren’t so lucky. You can’t watch the news anymore without hearing stories about how our vets are under-served and hurting.

Sometimes saying thank you isn’t enough and there are lot of little ways you can help improve the life of our veterans:

The Hubs and I are huge supporters of the Wounded Warrior Project – an organization dedicated to helping wounded vets live the life the deserve. Their site lists various ways you can help their organization from donating money to working local events.

Want to something more tangible? Check out DAV- Disabled American Veterans. There are lots of ways to help, but one of the most immediate is driving local veteran‘s to their medical appointments.

Travel a lot? Donate some of your frequent flyer miles to family members of wounded soldier’s so they can be by their soldier’s side as they recuperate from their injuries.

Send a care package or a letter to troops stationed overseas.Operation Gratitude guides you through how to send letters and packages to deployed troops, veterans and wounded warriors. This is a perfect time of year to do this with the holidays coming up so quickly!

Want to do something more? Check out the list of all these charities and see which ones do the best job supporting our troops.


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