Thankful Heart: Day 12


I think the Hubs is funny and he thinks I’m funny, but oddly enough, we really don’t have the same sense of humor. I’m more sly, sarcastic humor and he’s more farts and crude humor. I literally can’t sit through most of Jim Carey’s movies because I find them so annoying- which is a shame because Dumb and Dumber is one of the Hub’s favs.

We, blessedly, find common ground in shows like Arrested Development and Archer- but I still feel badly sometimes that I just can’t sit down and lose my mind over some of the things the Hubs finds funny. Which is why I’m so very thankful that Scorch can. Thanks to channels like TBS for editing the movies the Hub’s like for language and the sexual stuff, the two of them watch the stupidest movies and just howl. That makes my heart feel like it’s going to burst.

But today? Today we hit a huge parenting milestone when we introduced Scorch to Arrested Development. To hear my kid in the shower, cracking up saying “It walked on my pillow!” may be one of my proudest parenting moments ever.



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