Thankful Heart: Days 13 – 17


Day 13
I had a post for Day 13 all written, then the events in Paris unfolded. I got the news notification on my phone as the kids and I were leaving the video store (yes, we’re dinosaurs). We had just grabbed a pizza and were looking forward to a quiet night at home. All during the movie, the Hubs and I kept showing each other the latest news on our phones, shocked and sorrowful. There was (and is) so much for my little family to be thankful for but in that night, it was hard to put into words when so many were hurting.

Day 14
Saturdays tend to be our at-home date nights. We order take out and rent a movie (this week it was Trainwreck). The kids are in bed by 8 and the evening is ours to eat and laugh and watch shows we’d never put on when the kids were awake. It isn’t always romantic or exciting, but I always look forward to this one night a week with the Hubs.

Day 15
I am so thankful that we have faith in something larger than ourselves. I’m thankful for our gorgeous church, mass and the comfort our faith gives us when times are rough. I’m always appreciative of those things, but especially when things are bad.

Day 16
The Hubs and I had parent-teacher conferences on Monday to discuss how the kids are doing this school year. I’m so very thankful for the school we send our kids to, the teachers that love them and the environment that supports them. Every parent loves to hear that their kid is amazing, but I’m so thankful to know that even when my kids aren’t amazing and are struggling, they have a support system not only at home, but at school as well, lifting them up and wanting nothing but the best for them. I’m thankful that my kids have teachers that take my concerns and thoughts seriously and work continuously to with the Hubs and I to ensure my kids are not only educated, but loved.

Day 17

Did you know today is World Prematurity Day? I do, thanks to my niece Lala. My crazy, zany, stubborn, funny, feisty, loving, smart niece was born 12 weeks early. She weighed 1 lb 14 oz and pretty much scared us all to death. She introduced a whole new vocabulary into our lives- CPAP, adjusted age, brain bleeds, NICU, and on and on.  That little firecracker turns 5 soon and we simply can’t imagine our life without her.  She is my favorite sass-pot, the Bean’s bestest friend and Scorch’s favorite kid. When we’re together, the cousins are inseparable and I couldn’t be more thankful for that little girl.



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